Anima E cuore

Restaurant Review

An infusion restaurant based on the italian cousins. 

I must admit, that I’ve never been to a restaurant before, but Anima e Cuore couldn’t be a better start. 

If i had to describe it in 3 words, tasty, unique and delightful are the ones. 

One tip I would give, is not to judge it but its appearance!!! From the outside, Anima e Cuore appears to be a gelateria and café. But the tiny restaurant at the back (22 covers only) serves – at very low prices – Italian food that can stand comparison with the best in the capital.

And one more thing.. bring your own wine! Only because the place doesn’t have a licence to serve alcohol. That actually works up cheaper.


Only because the place doesn’t have the license to serve alcohol. That I actually thought that is not that bad as an idea.. 



Food wise, the menu changes once in a while, so don’t expect to find it online.

 Starters are refined and would not be out of place in a Michelin star restaurant with good presentation; foams and swirls! We tried the burata (kind of mozzarella) with tomato sorbe, a gnocchi based dish, beef tartar with artichoke sauce and the veal tuna. 

Mains comprised some of the best pasta ever ..Fo the mains, i had the pumpkin and amaretto ravioli, but I also tried the truffle spaghetti and they were both a mouthful! There is a chocolate based dish that is on my list for the next time:)




Please, please try the afogato (coffe with ice-cream) oh gosh, it’s so good!!
The tiramisu too:) The place does have a variety of ice-creams, all freshly prepared!


Overall I’ll give it a 9! The stuff were super friendly and explanatory, the dishes were perfectly presented and price very reasonable. 

Would I go back? FOR SURE! 

Location: Kentish Town


Booking: Essental!

Price: ££




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