Piazza di Spagna

In the next few post I’ll share with you details and memories from my recent trip to Rome. If you’ve never been there, jump on the first plane and enjoy the sun, the food and the history, of the Eternal City!

During the first day, I spent the morning in the famous Piazza di Spagna.. going up and down the notorious Spanish Steps, getting immersed on the latest fashion trends on the boutiques around the square and having an iced coffee, in one of the many cafes surrounding the Piazza.

This elegant, off-centre sweep of a staircase is Rome’s most beloved Rococo monument. It is at its most memorable in May, when it is covered in azales, but all year round it is littered with people drinking in a la dolce vita and musicians strumming guitars until late into the night..Francesco De Sanctis designed the steps in 1723-6 for King Louis XV, and their true name in Italian, is Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti, after the steps at the top. is stunning during the day and  so romantic during the evening. 


Same as piazza Navona, the fountain in front of the steps gets really busy with music artists, painters and people hanging around. 

The piazza is well known for the boutiques that surround it, from Prada, to Moscino and Jimmy Choo, you can find any high-end brand that you are looking for, in the streets surrounding the square. 


If you want to stop for a quick coffee between shopping, ‘El Greco’ cafe is the oldest one, famous for its popularity with the 19th-century English romantic poets.

On a sunny day, walk further down the road and you’ll find hidden gems with tables outside to enjoy an iced coffee or an aperitivo. 


The total outfit is from Zara. I love the fact that embroidered jeans came back to fashion, and this pair reminds me off the high-waist ones that my mom used to wear during the 70s. 

Ruffles in tops and shirts, are a big thing this season. This body from Zara is perfect, as it shows off your shoulders in a very chic way and gives space for a pair of earrings or a necklace. I chose to much it with a pair of earrings with turquoise stones, that I found in one of the shops around. Bodies and high-waist jeans are flattering the shilouette in a way that is elegant and sexy . 


piazza-di-spagna1 piazza-di-spagna2


 I’ll continue with an afternoon at Villa Borghese. Stay tuned:)



Location: Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy

Body: ZARA

Jeans: ZARA



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