La Vita e bella

There are tones of Italian restaurants in London, but it unfortunately takes a while till you find out he right one.. I’m glad I discover this lovely space in Angel.
The candle lights and the smell of butter and garlic caught my attention and that weren’t the only things that will make be go back..

The space looks cramped from the front window but it opens out into a lovely well lit area at the back. Even the washrooms are worth visiting! The decoration of the space was a very Moroccan -italian vibe, that makes it classy and cozy!


The atmosphere was amazing, as well as the antipasti, the delicious mains and the afogatos!

The antipasti were a mix of grilled bread, mozzarela fi bufalla, grilled artichoke, salami and prosciutto along with mushrooms and olives!

The fried mozzarella with caramelised onion chutney was also delicious and a great assortment to the Tuscan wine we picked. 


As per the mains, I can’t decide what I preferred the most.. 

Pizzas was made the Italian way, with a thin crust and fresh flavoured ingredients. But what surprised me the most was the stuffed chicken with mushrooms, brie cheese and wine sauce that comes with grilled vegetables. 



The second bottle of wine came just on time, before we moved to the dessert. Affogato can’t never be wrong. Is all you need after a big meal, especially when you want some space for dessert.. 


Location: Angel, London

Price: ££ 

Starter, main, dessert +2 bottles of wine ~ 30£

Recommendation: Go for it!!



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